Aquarius API docs

Verify is no longer deprecated. Over the coming days it will change hands to a new owner with backwards compatibility.
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At present the API is limited. There is a global rate limit of 60 requests per minute - exceeding this often may result in moderation.

For your users to verify, you should direct them to to do so.

GET /api/roblox/discordId

Get the link information for the discord user with the given discord user id.

Note: You should not rely on the presence of the "success" boolean. Either use the HTTP status code, or check for Body.error.

Possible responses:

GET /api/reverse/robloxId

Get the discord accounts associated with a given Roblox account.

This API has a rate-limit of 30 requests per Minute (and requests will also increment the global rate limit). This API has restrictions due to privacy concerns. If you abuse this API, you will be barred from accessing it.

You MUST not store any record of the results retrieved from this API. If you do so, you may be violating the wishes of users who later opt-out. If you are found to be doing this, you will be barred from using the API.

Note: For privacy reasons, users can opt-out of being included in this API, at the Dashboard. If a user has opted out, the API will return a 404: Not found response.

Possible responses:


API errors follow a specific format for consistency, shown below. In addition to this the HTTP status code will reflect the one in the error object.

Rate limiting errors will supply the time to retry after, in ms, within the error object.

Some errors, such as rate-limiting may also include additional information.

            error: {
                status: number,
                message: string

Example error:

            error: {
                status: 429,
                message: "Too many requests: Slow down!",
                retryAfter: 3000